Cured My Cancer

My Personal Story About Surviving Stage 4 Cancer

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I was rapidly dying from stage 4 Liver Cancer Metastasized into my Pancreas and Left Kidney.  My body was shutting down and I was sick and weak.  Faced with a certain death, my wife and I were researching to find something… anything to get this mess out of me!  We researched all over the world, examining each treatment and mainly the cure claim percentage rate!

The highest survival rate of anything we found for me at my late stage 4 multi-organ cancer was a strong combination of Salves – an amazing Drawing salve and a powerful antibiotic paste.  These salves were used with an astounding success rate in some societies and were available in the USA through some natural healers and American Indian Formulas.  Since the salves were used in some countries as a cancer treatment and we’d networked with many that used these salves with success, we prayerfully considered all information and were convinced we had the right thing, so – my wife and I went forward uncertain and somewhat fearful.

Since rapidly extracting my cancer, CT scans and ‘live blood analysis’ with Darkfield scope all show ‘my cancer is gone’!  I am gaining strength back slowly because my organ damage was extensive but I am alive and doing well.  We kept a record of everything and decided to share this healing experience since people who knew about what we did were amazed and encouraged us to do this story – as an educational tool.

This story is incredible and simply demonstrates there’s another side of the cancer issue unknown to most people.  This educational booklet should be of interest because so many lives and families are devastated by this apparent life-style triggered epidemic.  Anyone can learn the answers we did and make informed and knowledgeable decisions about what to believe.  This is my personal story and the struggles to keep living and how I had to take charge of personal health in the face of many obstacles.  Please read this eBook and find out about what we learned in our 6 year fight for life.

  • My personal story with progress photos about surviving major multi-organ cancer

  • Reference of world-wide use of salves and verified protocols others used with success

  • Why some non profit-based healers treat cancer as a routine health issue

  • Some photos of BREAST and other major cancer extraction – they are amazing

  • What we did to break the bonds of belief in false medical agendas prevalent in our society today

  • My struggle to stay alive!

Read about the amazing cancer protocol used with success  in countries around the world

Downloadable copy


We want anyone reading this booklet to be completely satisfied and find it ‘educational’.  We do not suggest, recommend or in any way advocate use of any product, technique or non-FDA approved medical protocols. The above is my personal story and how I gathered information to make the decision to take charge of my own destiny. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the information your money will be promptly returned. Should you wish to contact us, simply email

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